Who is Virgo’s Soulmates and Who Should a Virgo Marry?

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In this article, we set out to research and discover exactly who is Virgo’s soulmate. We looked at Virgo’s personality and trait compatibility with all the other zodiac signs in the process.

We also explored what sign a Virgo should marry and why. And finally, we examine if the Virgo-compatible soulmate signs are the same for Virgo women and men.

Let’s start by understanding the Virgo lover.
A Virgo lover is all about personal growth. People who have this zodiac sign are gentle, sincere, and hardworking.

However, they need someone who can help them boost their self-confidence and who will not take benefit of their weaknesses and limitations. A Virgo lover is not only a shy type of person but can be extremely tough on themself, which can lead to insecurity problems with their personality.

So, Who Is Virgo’s Soulmate?
To find the most compatible soulmate for Virgo, we compare them to all the other zodiac signs.

Virgo and Taurus Compatibility – Solid
Are Virgo and Taurus soulmates? Yes!

Their emotional connection and communication are solid, share values, intimacy, and sex. They have a moderate degree of trust and dependability. Whatever problems they encounter, they work together to achieve their best.

Taurus and Virgo have the same zodiacal wavelength, and there is an intimate connection between the two. Their bonding and collaboration will go beyond the simple superficial features that will penetrate their inner profoundness.

Both of these earth sun signs can read the mind of each other. The Virgo will always find themselves in splendid places when surrounded by Taurus’s gentle affection and love.

They are both devoted and loyal to each other, and with their deep connection and intimate trust in each other, it is obvious how they can go far and what they can achieve as partners in life. Knowing that devotion and faith are needed in their relationship, they both apply these principles wholeheartedly, and nothing is hidden from each other.

Virgo and Cancer Soulmate Compatibility – Made for Each Other
Are Virgo and Cancer soulmates? Yes.

Their communication and emotional connection are solid; trust and dependability are strong; the average common values are intimacy and sex. This Virgo and Cancer combination is as close to perfection as what everyone desires in a relationship.

The main practical reason Virgo and Cancer are suited uniquely to each other is that they have perfect understanding. Both of them are sensitive toward feelings and emotions, and they can instantly feel when there’s something wrong with their partner. Their personalities and qualities are ideally suited to aid one another, wherein what one person lacks, the other can complement.

Virgo and Cancer both seek serenity, security, and stability, so there’s no problem when one does not exert much effort and when their relationship starts to fall. The bond between the two is established atop layers of life experiences that strengthen their connection. It made them aware, vigilant, or watchful of those dangers, and with that, nothing gets wrong in their happy and exciting moments as partners.

Cancer is not the only one who will see the true feelings and emotions, but also Virgo is doing the same, which makes their relationship strong as it is the central pillar in every relationship.

Virgo and Capricorn as Soulmates – Stable
They have solid communication and shared values, intense intimacy and sex, and an average emotional connection, trust, and dependability. The relationship between these two signs is exceptionally stable, deep, and steady when formed.

Virgo and Capricorn are bounded together by earthen ascendance, wherein if a problem happens, they won’t stop analyzing the possible alternatives and start to commit to an action.

Virgo is strengthened in self-esteem and resolve by the lover willpower of Capricorn. Both of them can naturally find comfort and relaxation in doing outdoor activities. These two can have a harmonious relationship since they will find ways to ease the pressure if situations look bad or sour.

Virgo and Scorpio’s Compatibility – Vigilant Combination
Are Virgo and Scorpio soulmates?

Their emotional connection and shared values are strong; trust and dependability are powerful; intimacy and sex are average (rare for a Scorpio), and their communication is below average.

Virgo and Scorpio are built with the image of each other in mind. It’s all because of their qualities that complement each other’s aptitudes. They both have observant abilities, quick wits, analytics, and steady focus.

Scorpio and Virgo will be attentive and vigilant in making the first step or committing to anything unknown, and that’s why their relationship is based on their loyalty and trust. Scorpios can quickly notice the vulnerabilities and insecurities of their partner.

Overcoming obstacles in their relationship, complex experiences, stressful situations, and fighting together against all of the challenges in life can significantly strengthen and increase their bond. These kinds of circumstances truly bring them closer together and create a fiercely strong relationship.

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility – Maybe
Some people swear by Virgo and Pisces’s veracity of soulmate compatibility, and others are more lukewarm about the pairing. They have a powerful emotional connection, intimacy, and sex. However, their shared values, trust, and dependability also exhibit average communication and below average.

When Pisces and Virgo meet up, the stars shine brightly and align, signifying their eternal love and great future. Both of them can directly feel their partner’s heart pulses, wishes, dreams, and desires.

Their common problems are a lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility as Soulmates – Communication Issues
Their emotional connection, intimacy, and sex are strong. Yet, they have a moderate degree of communication, shared values, trust, and dependability.

They find it easy to instinctively perceive others’ repulsions, desires, dislikes, and likes. They have singular qualities and peculiar characteristics wherein, sometimes taken for granted because they do not constantly communicate.

Open discussion and constant communication are the keys to strengthening their relationship. They are significantly developed and enhanced by the aura of their personality and the influence of each other.

Virgo and Aries As Soulmates – Argumentative
Their emotional connection is average; intimacy & sex is below average; trust & dependability is also average; communication is below average, and their shared values are doubtful. These two are not suitable to become partners since it is difficult for them to work as one.

If you put Virgo together with Aries, patience is always a virtue due to its incompatibility, as these two are not the best combination. They have different ideas and principles about their lives and how they interact with others, resulting in opposite decisions.

However, there is always a chance these zodiac signs will come to a mutual understanding. This can be learned through time and by looking into the positive and common interests of the two.

The impulsiveness and anger of Aries will attack the care and kindness of Virgo, so if they are not in agreement, it will create chaos in the house that can also affect other people.

Virgo and Gemini Soulmate Compatibility – Average
Their emotional connection, trust, and dependability are strong; communication, intimacy, and sex are average, and their shared values are below average. If they learn to manage what they have in common, their mutual connection will help them survive in the long run.

These two zodiac signs learn from each other as they are utter, absolute, and ultimately compatible. They feel happy when they combine their strengths to achieve a desirable result and turn a tedious and dull situation into a complex and intriguing one.

The carefree manner and natural enthusiasm of the behavior of a Gemini will help a lot with the daily pressures, problems, and worries of each other.

They are more prepared and steadier to face life’s challenges when these two are combined, and they never stop on their trail of dominance. There’s much potential when these two meet for the 1st time. But a romantic union depends on its willingness to go beyond its superficial level.

Virgo and Leo Soulmate Outlook – Pragmatic Couple
Can Virgo and Leo be soulmates? Their shared values are solid; communication is strong; trust and dependability compatibility degrees are average, while their emotional connection, intimacy, and sex are below average. The natural approach of Leo, who is seeking attention above all else, is not what Virgo’s nature likes.

Combining these two will bring outstanding results on social, professional, emotional, personal, and self-development levels.

A Leo person comes with excellent ideas, and if correctly and patiently applied, they could take someone to the pinnacle of success. Conversely, Virgo has high practical pragmatism, and with these skills and ideas put into practice with Leo, the result is exemplary.

For their relationship to work and last, one of them will either learn to ease up its arrogance or surrender its throne.

Virgo loves wholeheartedly all about their partner, especially their confident and high-strung allure. They have similar plans and ideas, and if they discover things in common, they will all turn their dream into reality.

Leo people are astonished by the beauty of the inner self of Virgo as it is simply spotless. There’s so much beauty inside that they seem to be under a spell and hindered by an illusion. This kind of illusion makes them focus entirely on their loved partner, becoming caring and loving people.

Virgo and Virgo as Soulmates – Who Will Be The Adult
Their shared values are very strong; their trust and dependability are strong; communication and emotional connection are average, while their intimacy and sex are below average.

Virgo with Virgo is something incompatible and different but is perfect together. They have the same dreams, principles, passions, approaches, and everything that makes them ideal partners.

It is always about who is willing to become more responsible for having the anchor point and who will make the first move to connect their relationship to the real world.

They have endless prospects filled with excitement and great opportunities that can help their self-development and become closer and more bonded.

Are Virgo and Libra Soulmates? Potential
Their emotional connection, intimacy, and sex are strong; shared values are average; and their communication, trust & dependability are below average. The two can become the best couple if they make sacrifices.

Virgo does not want to have a partner who refuses to take on many responsibilities with them, as they will feel unloved, lost, and unappreciated.

In a romantic sense, these two zodiac signs are born to be lovers as they have instinctive romantic feelings. They are adept at perceiving what may affect the other as they can precisely see what the secret wishes or desires of the other are.

For their downsides, Virgo’s honesty, like saying precisely what goes on in their minds, might be a little harsh for Libra’s sensitive ears.

Can Virgo and Sagittarius Be Soulmates? Doubtful
We say they are doubtful about being soulmates, but their emotional connection is strong; common values, intimacy & sex are average, while their communication, trust, and dependability are below average.

These two are pretty different, but this does not stop them from knowing and accepting one another. Sagittarius are like philosophers who seek the truth and answer, while Virgos are superior to the person they already know.

Yet, if these Virgo and Sagittarius form a romantic relationship, they have their own assigned roles and bring something to spice up their relationship and keep going.

So, after looking at the soulmate compatibility of Virgo with all the other zodiac signs…

Who Should a Virgo Marry and Why?
These are the three zodiac signs that a Virgo can marry that are compatible and suitable soulmates if they are not a dud. Even a compatible sign can have unique traits that should trigger a red flag, and you can find out in our free report.

Soulmate dud free report for Virgos

What sign should a Virgo marry?

Taurus – Virgos love how reliable and grounded Tauruses are. Both of them are earth signs; you have so many things in common, especially your steady and slow approach to love.

Capricorn – Capricorn people born in this sign are hardworking, ambitious, and serious about achieving something great in their lives. Virgo and Capricorn are both earth signs, so they share the same values and work best if combined.

Cancer – Virgo is known for its sensitivity and being emotional, and Cancer will help bring out the softer side in them. They will help open their hardworking hearts, wake them up in their depths, and gain more structure.

Are Soulmate Signs the Same with Virgo Men and Women?
Signs are broken down into the cardinal and elements, fixed and mutable, and they are also split into feminine and masculine zodiac signs.

  1. Feminine signs are more emotional ad introverted, while masculine signs are more physical and extroverted.
  2. Fire and air signs are more masculine, and water and earth sign like Virgo is more feminine.

In terms of their soulmate sign, yes, if they have the same zodiac sign as Virgo, they also have the same soulmate sign, no matter if they are a man or a woman.

  1. Female earth signs like Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus are ambitious, detail-oriented, and sensual.
  2. Male earth signs are more purpose-driven, headstrong, and dedicated to their work, career, and life partner.

The zodiac sign Virgo is sometimes without emotion, entirely detached, and keenly sensitive. This means that Virgo has difficulty finding their perfect match since they are not expressive of their feelings. That’s why touching them is one of the best ways to create an intimate physical connection with them. They want to be fed when they’re hungry, be held and hugged when needing love, and be kissed when they feel passionate. They are also known to be hot in bed.

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