What’s A Soulmate And Do They Really Complete You?

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The hot topic for decades is, what’s a soulmate? The simple answer is realizing that a person who is an active part of your life has similar beliefs and core values. You feel a connection with the person, and that person makes your life better.

To be cliché, it means “they complete you.” They make you a better person or version of yourself.

A soulmate is a person you meet who provides you with a solid mental or cosmic sense of connection and mutual and reciprocated respect.

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What’s A Soulmate?

A soulmate is an individual with whom you have a feeling of deep or natural connection.

The popular notion is that soulmates create a “symbiotic union.”

A symbiotic what? It means reciprocal or mutually beneficial. It does not always mean romantic love.

Let’s look at the different popular definitions of who is a soulmate:

This connection might involve love and romance or not. Yet, we all correlate the term soulmate with romantic love and relationships. And, why not? Love is a powerful emotion; we are hard-wired to be wanted and needed by another person.

According to Dr. Tobin, a marital and family psychologist, the guiding principle is a soulmate relationship challenges you to move from self-indulgence to one of giving.
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Types Of Soul Connections

A soulmate, by definition, does not have to be someone with whom you are in a romantic relationship. You can have a friend who provides all the familiarity, comfort, support, and commonality that we associate with soulmates yet does not have a romantic element.

A soulmate can be:

All types of soulmate connections include trust, admiration, and compatibility. You can have multiple different types of soulmates in your life. Your best friend is probably, by all means, a soulmate. That does not mean the intimacy of your friendship requires sexual activity for it to be defined as soulmate worthy. A soulmate is simply your fellow passenger in the journey of life.

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How do you know someone is your soulmate?

You can’t know for sure if your soul is unbalanced!

In reality, you will meet several people who will be with you as you journey through portions of your life. Some of these people will teach, guide, and help you grow. That does not make them your soulmate. A soulmate is a person who will stick with you through good or bad. This soulmate definition applies to all the different types of soulmates we discussed earlier.

For this conversation, we will focus on romantic soulmates.

A soulmate is not someone that provides you with a sensation of lust, greed, or elevation of social status. That attraction is the exact opposite of a soulmate. The connection is not reciprocal and is not two-sided. A relationship built on lust is fun, but the relationship will not survive since the soul connection is superficial and based on physical attraction. Likewise, seeking a relationship with someone with lots of money or power might give you a short-term burst of positive emotions. But the solid cosmic connection of your souls is missing.

5 Signs Someone Is Your Soulmate

1. Mutual Respect – There can be no friendship without mutual respect. Every romantic relationship begins with friendship; otherwise, it is just lust.

I would even go so far as to say that respect is the central pillar in any relationship. Without respect, the relationship is dead. How many relationships do you witness every day that the lack of respect of one or both people in the relationship is visually apparent? Those people are not soulmates. If the person you are dating does not respect you or you do not respect that person, you are not soulmates. An attraction based on money, social status, or physical beauty will not generate mutual respect and true love. It just won’t!

2. Friendship – a sign that someone could be your romantic soulmate is that they are first your best friend.

The best foundation for any relationship is friendship. Most relationships blossom from friendship but not all of them. If you and your partner are in a trusting and positive relationship, that is a sign that you are soulmates.

3. Feelings of Calm – You feel a sense of calm when around them.

No drama! Yes, you can have fights and disagreements without all the drama. A soulmate will make you feel safe, that they have your back and you have theirs. The only way I can describe it would be that it is the best time of your day when the two of you are alone.

4. Feelings of Empathy – you know the saying, you feel each other’s pain. You want your romantic partner to succeed, rejoice with them on victories, and support them through low points or defeat. You feel pride in being their partner even when things are not going as either of you planned.

5. Familiarity – It feels like you have known each other for longer than you have. It took me a couple of relationships before I genuinely experienced and understood this sensation. It is a beautiful feeling. In general, you feel like you can tackle even the most challenging things in the world together.

Do Soulmates Always End Up Together?

Sadly, no. Many people confuse lust with soulmates. Others have a sense of desperation and try to latch on to anyone who pays them any attention. We all know the types, so we don’t have to describe them in this article. Hopefully, knowing what a soulmate is and who is not will help you find your true soulmate. Do not be surprised if you meet your soulmate later in life. It happens pretty frequently. Sadly, you may meet your soulmate, and they are not available to enter a relationship with you. Timing plays a large part in meeting your soulmate. Some timing factors you may not have any ability to control.

A soulmate is a person with a solid reciprocal mental or cosmic connection of mutual respect and love at the deepest level of our souls.

They walk with you in your life but never walk out. source

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