Platonic Soulmate – Can A Friend Be A Soulmate?

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What does platonic soulmate mean?
A platonic soulmate is someone with whom you develop an intense affinity and natural feeling. For instance, your friends might be your lifetime soulmates, although you might not end up marrying them. In other words, your friends are people you can always rely on when you need help.

Plato defined such love as a unique aspect that transcends the personal self since you feel love above your understanding. In this case, Plato implied elements that bring the best parts of two people. Unfortunately, Platonic love is not based on lust and does not concentrate on fulfilling sensual or bodily needs. Instead, such love moves one closer to the divine.

What is a Platonic Soulmate?

Love emanates in different ways, including platonic, romantic, filial and parental. Yes, it is possible for you to love your friend without a sexual relationship or marriage platonically. As human beings, we can completely and entirely love several people at a particular period.

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Unfortunately, we find it challenging when we try to describe the importance of love. That is because every person has different views regarding love, which might probably reflect how love should be.

What are platonic soulmates?

In reality, we can love others differently, where a section of them might become our romantic partners. There are also others we love differently, such that we only wish them to become our platonic partners instead of marital partners. Such people might be the loves of our lives in a different manner. If you want to know when you have found the love of your life, you can read through the platonic soulmate signs described below.

Best Friend Soulmate

Here are 10 signs of platonic love:

    1. You always find topics to discuss
      The first sign in our platonic soulmate test is characterized by your abundance of topics and the spontaneity of conversations. In particular, you will not find it challenging to get an issue you can discuss with your best friend. But, most importantly, your discussion will feel meaningful, enjoyable, and natural. In this case, there is no single idea that will appear irrelevant or silly to share, and you will enjoy listening to it the same way you share your thoughts.
    2. Silence feels comfortable and homey.
      If you find yourself sitting quietly with other people and enjoying the silence, it will signify that you have a platonic soulmate best friend.
    3. Predicting what the other mate will tell you becomes more straightforward.
      A platonic bond would be solid such that you deeply know them and become more accessible to what they want to say before the talk. The ideas you can predict will include the advice they offer you, their comments on a particular situation, and their choice of clothing. Therefore, the ability to foretell their choices and reactions demonstrates how deeply you know each other.
    4. You have a sense of humor.
      In reality, there are some cases when your humor might become eccentric such that only a few people can follow your jokes and thoughts. In contrast, your platonic best friend will understand your weirdest jokes such that they can love them. Consequently, you will not develop strange feelings since you will know that someone understands you.
    5. You can tolerate the issues that irritate you.
      Although you might love your best friend’s activities, you will not attempt to change them. That means you will always tolerate their fixations, irritating aspects, and little obsessions, making them unique.
    6. Always available for each other.
      If you want to know if a platonic soul mate exists in your life, you should figure out if people do not attempt to judge your actions and are always available to offer the support you need. It means that your best friend would be someone you feel will be willing to do anything for you anytime they are requested.

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    1. Unconditional acceptance
      In reality, your soulmate friend is not righteous, but you entirely accept them. Although, for instance, you would have experienced each other’s worst scenarios and know each other’s mistakes or flaws, you still feel welcomed and special when around them.
    2. You end up missing them when you are apart.
      If you have someone who accepts all your mistakes, supports you appropriately, does not judge you, and has a sense of humor, you will miss them. When such a person is far away from you, you feel that you miss something, and they will be the first ones you will consider when you wish to share critical news.
    3. It is always welcome to share what bothers you.
      A best friend soulmate would be someone with who you can directly share your pressing issues when your partner is arrogant or when they have done something that you do not like; such a kind of openness makes the relationship magnificent.
    4. You know how to support each other.
      Your platonic friend will always find the appropriate ways to encourage you, when to make you laugh or when to offer you space. Also, they know what they can do to help you calm down when stressed. In this case, relying on each appears familiar and natural.

    platonic soulmate meaning is a female and male walking alone without sexual tension

    Can a friend be a soulmate?

    Friends play a critical role in helping you live a happy life, and if you have a true friend, you can easily navigate any obstacle you face. A soulmate will make you feel supported, recognized, and understood. Your best friend as your platonic soulmate means you will feel comfortable exposing your worst flaws, discussing any topic, or staying silent.

    Platonic soulmate opposite gender

    One of the complications of soulmate meaning lies within the persistence of using the word “platonic soulmate” versus “best friend.” The use of the word platonic soulmate directs us toward a deeper relationship than the scope of a normal friendship, even if they are of a different gender than you.

    Is platonic love rare?

    Platonic love is more common in recent decades than in the past. This is because the social stigma of opposite-gender people being friends and outgoing in public is seen as more acceptable in society.

    People of all gender identification have genuine platonic friendships that benefit both parties in ways romantic love cannot.

    Is it possible to be platonically in love?

    Platonic love involves no romantic or sexual attraction yet feelings of deep affection towards each other. People of any gender can maintain a friendship without sexual tension or attraction.

    In summation, the relationship of a best friend soulmate is real, and if you have such kind of a friend, you should count yourself among the most fortunate people.

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