How to Find the Right Guy For You

By Sarah •  Updated: 06/21/21 •  5 min read

When searching for how to find the right guy for you, every woman, and even some men, end up getting confused and frustrated.

We understand that since the right guy for you should be your perfect soulmate – Yeah?

Well, sadly, no. It should but, the habit of seeking the “rich guy,” the guy with a cool car, the “hot guy,” or other physical attributes is so prevalent. Should the right guy be about how it makes you feel being seen with him or, how it makes you feel being with him?

To find the right guy and relationship you first must check and see if your Soul is in balance and how to fix it – click below for the answer…

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How To Find The Right Guy For You Faster
First, click that link above to check out your Soul’s status and if it is in balance.

Really? Yes! An unbalanced soul is not receptive to the right guy’s Soul energy vibrations. Likewise, the energy vibes your Soul is sending out could be flawed if it is out of balance.

Next, Learn what to look for when picking the right man.

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She found the right guy decades ago – her perfect soulmate. So can you!

Learning how to fine-tune your Soul will boost your ability to attract the right guy for you faster. You can learn more at – When Will I Meet My Soulmate?

5 Characteristics of the Right Guy
Having a great boyfriend is different than searching for your romantic soulmate. However, these characteristics apply equally to searching for a great boyfriend and soulmate.

So, what does the right guy look like?
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You do not need to date the players, liars, and toxic men. The bad “bad boy” is a no. The good “bad boy” is okay. Obviously, do not date or pursue married men. It may seem sexy-dangerous and exhilarating now, but the outcome in your favor is iffy.

The 5 characteristics of the right guy for you are:

  1. They Are Single, and You Have Good Energy – The relationship has a natural flow, and though it might have some challenges, it works. You share the same goals and interests in life, and he makes you laugh.
  2. He makes himself available yet not overly available 😊 – he doesn’t go missing for weeks. Nor will you wait for hours to get replies to your texts. You trust him.
  3. You feel safe with him. If you feel safe or not is a very personal decision. This point correlates well with characteristic #1, having good energy vibes. If you get the creeps, then bolt or don’t go on a date with him. Expect him to be courteous, attentive, and charming without your B.S. meter alarm going off!
  4. You feel he has your back. This feeling is a 3rd sense thing. It is the energy vibes your Soul feels. Did you know that your Soul needs to be in balance for you to know what this sense is saying?

>> The Only Way To Know For Sure Is To Make Sure Your Soul Is First In Balance – Click Here Now to find out!

It is a deeply satisfying feeling knowing the right guy has your back! It feels good, right?

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  1. He boosts your confidence. Ah, the perfect man – he won’t put you down in public or private! Instead, he appreciates you. He believes in your abilities and encourages you no matter what. There is a mutual level of respect expected and given freely. He laughs with you and not at you.

FREE BONUS – He is not a momma’s boy. He loves his mother and treats her with respect and love. But, he puts you first and comes to you first with any news.

Choosing the Right Guy
This may seem insensitive to state but, do not choose a guy out of desperation. That is NOT how to find the right guy for you. A guy will not automatically improve your life. But, if it is not the right guy, it can add more grief to your life.

If you are in a bad place, it is not the right time to be looking for the right guy, or any guy for that matter. Find out what is out of balance and learn the steps to put them in balance by examining your Soul. It is a fantastic aid to help you choose the right guy. Click the button below.

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If or when your Soul is in balance, here are key factors to follow when you want to know how to find the right guy for you:

How To Make Sure These Tips Will Work – Cut bait quickly if any of these points are triggered.

If you find your relationships fail because the guys turned out to be flakes, then try again and use these tips. Avoid the temptation to rationalize behavior or what your gut is telling you.

Your Soul is trying to talk to you if you take the time to really listen. So that is how to find the right guy for you.

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