How to Attract a Gemini Man and Make Them Think About You

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Knowing how to attract a Gemini man begins with understanding what they look for in a woman and love. We then look at how to make a Gemini Man chase you.

After that, we explore how to attract a Gemini man by each women’s zodiac sign, how to make them fall in love with you, and a brief look at each zodiac’s women’s compatibility with a Gemini man.

We wrap up the guide with insights on how to love a Gemini man, if they are loyal, are jealous, and how is a Gemini man when in love.

What Does a Gemini Man Look For In a Woman?

Gemini men want their partners to be emotionally mature, hate drama, and want someone fun. They easily get turned off by drama and tend to leave when they immediately sense that you are becoming clingy.

So, what kind of woman do Gemini men like? They want strong independent women who can think on their own. They love highly intelligent women but with a great sense of humor. Making them laugh and being innovative is not enough to make a Gemini man commit, and commitment is troublesome for them.

How To Make a Gemini Man Chase You

Gemini, in general, loves to be everywhere. They love adventure. Staying in a relationship is as complex as staying in one place or completing a task. A Gemini man does not have time for a guessing game…

How To Make a Gemini Man Fall In Love With You
Being social and friendly would be a great advantage if you want to be involved with a Gemini man. They would not want someone cozy sitting by the fire reading a book. It follows that they love someone who is energetic and can follow them around.

Having a positive outlook is great when being with a Gemini man. They want a partner who would have solutions instead of someone who will just complain. Gemini men are so hard to get that it takes a woman to have unique qualities for them to turn their head and get attracted to you.

We now look at how women of other zodiac signs fare when trying to attract and make the Gemini male fall in love with you, ranked from the highest compatibility to the lowest.

How Can A Leo Woman Attract A Gemini Man?

The fierceness and the fearlessness of a Leo woman are what make them attractive to a Gemini man. They have a free spirit and a love for adventure, and their outgoing personality makes it easy to attract a Gemini man’s attention.

Leos and Geminis are the zodiacs that are always at parties, both have a great sense of humor, and their traits complement each other well. The downside of this could be that the Leo woman could be too fierce that the Gemini man could be discouraged in approaching them.

Insight: These zodiacs are highly attracted to each other, so a minimal effort from a Leo woman is needed to capture his attention.

For a Leo woman to command attention from a Gemini man is an easy feat…

Leo Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

Leo and Gemini are the ultimate power couple. They complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses and can easily keep the fire burning. They will never get bored of each other, and this power couple seems to be no weakness.

How An Aquarius Woman Attracts A Gemini Man

Aquarius women are the most unpredictable of all the zodiac. They do not show what they feel, and they have the most poker-faced. They often look cocky, overconfident, and detached most of the time. They are always right, at least that is what they believe. This sign is always on their high horse, making it easier for them to gain enemies than friends. These two signs are nonconfrontational, yet they can not accept that they are wrong. They are assertive and have passive-aggressive behavior.

Thinking that Aquarius women would not be able to attract anybody, then you’re mistaken. The way they handle arguments would be one of the most attractive things about them from the perspective of a Gemini man. Aquarius women who think with their brains and a Gemini man find that sexy.

Insight: Attracting a Gemini man can be challenging for an Aquarius woman, but it would be easy for her to win him over if she becomes consistent with her trait. The way she can tell him straight what she wants would be the sexiest thing about her.

Gemini Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Their emotional intelligence is compatible in that they both understand each other easily. Being both an air sign could be great as they can both be dreamers and can have the same hobby. The downside is that Gemini can have a whole wave of emotion while an Aquarius can stay static for some time.

How To Attract A Gemini Man As A Libra Woman

A Libra woman is naturally social and friendly. They can quickly hook the attention of a Gemini man at parties. Their outgoing personalities are something attractive to Gemini men. The cleverness of a Libra woman is something that would also attract a Gemini man. They would quickly start a conversation, which could lead to a date. Gemini men may not ask a Libra woman or any woman for a date. They are not good at expressing their emotions.

Insight: It will take the Libra woman to show the Gemini man they are attracted to them.

When a Gemini man tells a joke, a libra woman will laugh out loud, whether the joke is funny or not. The diplomatic side of a Libra woman can be seen when handling the craziness of a Gemini man when everything turns chaotic. Libra is the calm to a storm of a Gemini man, which makes them attractive. While a Libra woman is as social as a Gemini man, the Libra woman can be the one who balances the Gemini man. This will easily catch the attention of a Gemini man, for they know a Libra woman will be the one who can keep this air sign grounded.

Libra Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

They are both fun at a party, have the same schedule, and want to be surrounded by people as they are both social butterflies. The downside of this couple is that Geminis can barely finish a task while Libras are known to be able to complete tasks they had started and are incredibly hardworking.

How To Make A Gemini Man Fall in Love With An Aries Woman

Aries woman is known for their passion and creativity. Being passionate does not mean you can easily attract the attention of any man, especially the Gemini man. These men are known to be around women so that they do not run out of them. Commanding attention from them would be quite an effort from an Aries woman. Her energy, optimism, and tenacity combined may give her some hope of attracting a Gemini man. Being reckless, this could not be a good match for an impulsive Gemini man, but if there is an attractive Gemini man across the room, how can an Aries woman command attention from him?

Insight: Aries can easily make friends, so they can make the friends of Gemini their friends and be in the same circle as the Gemini. This way, they can show the Gemini that they are not boring and can be amazing people.

Using their recklessness and competitiveness as an Aries woman can exactly be the way for them to attract a Gemini man. As people always surround them, competing with them is the only way to get through the crowd.

Aries Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

Fire and air elements will keep this couple’s passion burning, and the love will be alive. They are both adventurous and outgoing, so partying or staying out on the weekend would be something on their list. They are both stubborn, which will create a lot of conflict in a relationship, and sometimes those adventures they share would not be enough for them to make amends.

How To Attract A Gemini Man As A Sagittarius Woman

A Gemini man will get attracted to a Sagittarius woman’s adventurous and wild side. These traits should come naturally for a Sagittarius woman to catch his attention. Gemini men are picky with women who only pretend to be outgoing to attract attention, and they prefer naturally adventurous and outgoing women.

Insight: The wild side of the Sagittarius is a bonus if they want to attract the side of a Gemini. When around a Gemini man, she can tell stories of her adventures, where she had been, what she had done, and all other things that sound adventurous for his head to turn.

The Sagittarius woman must be careful not to sound boisterous, as the Gemini hates that. They want attention to them. Make sure to compliment their adventures while sharing your own, or it will look like you are competing with them. To keep them attractive to you, a Sagittarius woman should keep on being adventurous and wild. This way, he will not turn his head on someone else. Also, keep the energy that you have. You will need it being on an adventure with your Gemini man.

Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

These signs can efficiently work well together as they steadily progress in their relationship. They are the signs that can sit down and talk about the challenges they face in the relationship and the way to go. The challenge in this pair is when they avoid talking, which can sometimes happen and abruptly end the relationship.

How To Attract A Gemini Man As A Taurus Woman

Taurus is the most stubborn among the zodiac. They would ignore people that they do not like. They are homebodies, and they are not very social. It is difficult for them to find a friend or a lover. When they find someone they get attracted to, they are incredibly loyal. Seeing a Taurus woman at a party would be rare, making them attract a Gemini man who is extremely outgoing. Gemini men want to experience something new and different. The sight of a Taurus woman at a party is exactly what they are looking for.

Insight: Taurus women must be careful about being hard to get with Gemini men as they quickly get bored. Showing a hint of interest would make a Gemini man run after you.

The stubbornness of a Taurus will make them extra attractive to Gemini men. They are someone they can pursue and are a prize for hard work. Taurus are not party people, so throwing a dinner with a Gemini man being the guest of honor will make them greatly attracted to a Taurus woman.

Gemini Man And Taurus Woman Compatibility

Taurus women can easily communicate their feelings for Gemini men, which would benefit them. The fiery Taurus will never give up on the whims of the Gemini, so this could be a lot challenging for both of them.

How Can A Pisces Woman Attract A Gemini Man

Pisces is the most fluid of the signs, and they are the most adaptable. They quickly go with the flow but can hold their ground when it matters. This trait is so attractive to a Gemini man. A Pisces woman can care so deeply that getting over loss and heartbreak would always be difficult for them. They are closed off and are not used to accepting help from others because they are used to extending support they are unprepared for when someone helps them.

Insight: If you are a Pisces woman and want to get a Gemini man’s attention, then take care of them. Make them your world. They love women who pay them attention. The more engagement you give them, the better.

This is not a burden to a Pisces woman at all. This is their nature to care for others, especially for the most important person in their life.

Pisces Woman And Gemini Man Compatibility

Pisces women are romantic people. Yet, Geminis fall in love multiple times a day. They have different definitions of love, and their creativity will be the binding force of their relationship.

How Gemini Woman Can Attract A Gemini Man

Her passion for life is the best trait of a Gemini woman. She can easily attract her Gemini man with this. Belonging to the same sign can be challenging for other zodiac signs, but not in Gemini. Their similar traits are what will make them attracted to each other.

Insight: The only challenge is when they both get tired of adventures and have no one to rein them in. When it comes to Gemini, they can quickly get tired of the same routine and people. Keeping each other surprised from time to time would be perfect, so they keep being attracted to each other and have each other as partners.

Her easy personality would be the most attractive trait to Gemini men. They almost have the same likes and dislikes, so they would not have trouble arguing over what they want to do on the weekend.

Gemini Woman and Man Compatibility

This pairing is exciting since each Gemini has dual personalities. So two Geminis being in a relationship means dealing with four personalities! The relationship is exciting and dangerous at the same time. The only question will be, who will give up on the relationship first?

How To Attract Gemini Man As A Scorpio Woman

A Scorpio woman is a sex goddess. This means they exude a sexy vibe. It is their nature to flirt. A highly flirtatious Gemini man would easily fall into the trap of this goddess. She will rein the rope in their sex life and bed, but how will she capture his attention when everyone surrounds him? For the Scorpio woman to show her sexy side to the Gemini man, she must catch him first. Scorpio women tend to be direct. They will tell you if they like you or not.

Insight: Gemini men want women who can tell it as it is, which will play well with the Scorpio woman. Being direct to the point and honest is their most attractive trait to a Gemini man.

Gemini men’s love for women who does not like drama and are independent will attract them to a Scorpio woman. If these two signs have a one-night stand, then a Scorpio woman need not exert too much effort in attracting the attention of a Gemini man. After that night’s affair, a Gemini man will give you all his attention.

Gemini Man And Scorpio Woman Compatibility

The intensity of a Scorpio woman will intrigue the Gemini. The personality of the Scorpio is so uptight that it will keep the Gemini wondering, which will also put the Gemini in his place.

The Scorpio will constantly challenge a Gemini man, and the free-spirited Gemini will eventually get tired of how uptight a Scorpio can be.

How To Attract A Gemini Man As A Cancer Woman

Cancer women are cheerful. Like the crab’s outer shell, they have a hidden trait that can only be uncovered when you become close to them. They may seem guarded and show how tough they can be, but they are one of the zodiacs with the softest of hearts. Cancer women love cute things and are very welcoming, making them attractive to Gemini men. A first impression of a Gemini man to a Cancer woman would be that she is easy.

Insight: Geminis like unpredictability, and that is attractive to them. Seduction should be the game of the cancer woman for them to attract the Gemini man, and they can play the hot-cold method and keep the man guessing.

Her outgoing and welcoming personality should not fool a Gemini man. She will entertain the man, laugh at his jokes, and then turn her back and leave without saying anything. Their unpredictability will keep the Gemini on their toes and will keep them wondering.

Cancer Woman And Gemini Man Compatibility

Cancer women can quickly get tired of the constant partying of Gemini men, and they just want to be home, and Cancer is the best people to go home with. The Gemini, however, does not really like staying at home, so this is the biggest challenge in their relationship.

How To Attract A Gemini Man As A Capricorn Woman

The independence and self-reliance of a Capricorn woman will easily attract the Gemini man. It would not be easy for a Capricorn woman to meet a Gemini man since both have opposite personalities. Gemini man would be out partying, but a Capricorn woman would be at home, doing housework or working overtime in the office. A Gemini man would be a manager delegating tasks, and a Capricorn woman would be the one who completes the tasks. They would review the project and send revisions.

Insight: To attract a Gemini man, a Capricorn woman just has to be themselves. Their cold demeanor will create a mystery that will make a Gemini man wonder about them.

They are so opposite, but that is what makes a Capricorn woman attract the attention of a Gemini man. A Gemini man will see a Capricorn woman as a homemaker, someone they could trust with their home affairs.
A Capricorn woman says it as it is, and this will be another trait that will make them attractive to a Gemini man.

Capricorn Woman And Gemini Man Compatibility

They could have been a power couple if not for the intention of how they want to do things. Capricorns love achieving to please everyone around them, and they are hungry for recognition. Geminis do things because they just want to do it for self-satisfaction. These intentions could easily break them apart.

Can A Virgo Woman Attract A Gemini Man?

A Virgo woman is known to be a perfectionist. They put everything and everyone in their place. One of the smartest among the zodiac, a Virgo woman can be straightforward and say it as it is. They know who they are, and she knows what she wants. They do not like to create drama or be part of it. A Virgo woman can be grave and focused on what they do. They tend to overthink and can be uptight.

Insight: Attracting the attention of a Gemini man would be a lot of effort on their part that may require them to research about him. A Virgo woman needs to be relaxed when she is with a Gemini man.

Being one of the smartest among the zodiac, the best way they can hook the attention of a Gemini man is when they crack witty jokes. A Virgo woman can easily attract the attention of a Gemini man with this. Another way is showing the playful side of Virgo. When a reserved Virgo shows their naughty side, it will surprise the Gemini man, and how else will you attract their attention by constantly surprising them? This way, you got all their attention to yourself.

Gemini Man And Virgo Woman Compatibility

No other sign is as opposite and not attracted to each other as the Gemini and Virgo. Virgos love the slow and steady. They are overthinkers who put up walls; breaking that wall will tire the Gemini. It is not easy to gain their trust, which would be difficult when a Gemini would love to flirt around with everyone else.

Gemini Man Traits In Love

Being in a relationship with a Gemini man will take a lot of hard work. They will keep on telling you they love you, but they will still spend time with other people. They love to be the center of attention, which can be challenging for those not used to being in the middle of everything.

Gemini men can be the biggest flirt and love spending time with other people, but they are loyal to the woman they love. When in the middle of the group, they love throwing witty banters and jokes, but when you spend alone time with them, they show you who they are.

Dating Gemini Men
Gemini men are described as mischievous. They are fun to be around but also the biggest flirt in the room. Avoid introducing your Gemini man to your hot friends if you are jealous.

Asking a Gemini man for alone time, like going out on a date, is a great way to attract him and get him thinking about you. They love to socialize, and their friends and families, and asking them out might be a shock for them.

How To Love A Gemini Man
Gemini men are good with communication but not about their feelings. Gemini men would not discuss how they felt, which is one of the topics they would want to avoid at all costs.

They are incredibly outgoing and extroverted, so getting their attention would require much effort. Making them stay on one task also requires a lot of motivation. They are known to multitask but never to complete a task. They are great at motivating others, and it is their communicative side.

Are Gemini Men Loyal?
This is tricky as it depends on many more factors than their sun sign. Gemini men can be two-faced, telling you something else to get things done or get you in bed, but they mean something else.

For Gemini men, life is a game, which is why they are always on the go. As a woman, keeping up with this sign would mean that you are one of the outgoing signs. If you are introverted and want to be with a Gemini man, this could be challenging for you.

Are Gemini Men Jealous?
Geminis are known to be social butterflies and the life of the party. If you are more of a social butterfly, they will get jealous. But, getting their attention so they notice will be one of the biggest challenges. Gemini men prefer to be outside, drinking with friends, at a party, or socializing.

How To Make a Gemini Man Think About You

Gemini men want women who exude femininity. They want beautiful women inside out but also great in conversation and in bed. They are used to being with women, surrounded by them, and getting their attention.

Making a Gemini man think about you will require much effort unless you are an expert in seduction. But even temptation might fall short. Gemini men have something they look for in a partner for them to keep thinking about you, and maybe it can lead to a loving relationship and eventually marriage.

For someone who is used to getting the attention he needs, you may start by ignoring him. Gemini men love the mystery, so do not reply to his texts immediately. You can wait for some time, even a day, before replying. When they start missing you, then they will show more effort.

How is a Gemini man when in love?
When a Gemini falls in love, they would not directly tell you that they are in love with you. Instead, they would start showing subtle signs. They would invite you to vacation, and they would begin to introduce you to their family and friends. They will never tell you whether they like you or not. As much as they want you to be honest with them, they cannot do the same for you. They will keep you guessing until you start figuring it out. Geminis are weak when it comes to people who show them affection. While they crave attention, affection is something they need.

Wrap Up
Being one of the most competitive zodiacs, Gemini men will do anything just to get what they want, even if that means they have to lie. They are great at persuading people, and they are known to be great motivators and good managers. Gemini men can be on top of the world as they are great in politics. Being an air sign, they are versatile and quickly adapt to situations and changes. They are very adventurous in trying new things.

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